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No. The last song all four played together on (with guest keyboardist Billy Preston) was "I Want You (She's So Heavy)", in the spring of 1969. By the time they regrouped to complete Abbey Road, their squabbles had gotten so bad that they only worked in twos and threes, and in separate studios at Abbey Road.

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George Harrison's "I Me Mine" was the last new song to be recorded by The Beatles before they broke up, and only featured three band members. (John Lennon did not attend the session.)

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Yes, basically. Although Let It Be was released afterwards in 1970, most of it was recorded before Abbey Road was.

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12th and final studio album

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Q: Was The End the last song the Beatles recorded together?
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What was the Beatles latest song?

The last song they recorded together as a group was "The End" off of their 1969 album, Abbey Road.

What was the name of the song the Beatles last played?

The last song the Beatles played together in a concert was "Get Back". (Apple rooftop concert)

When was the Beatles last album released?

In 1969 was 'The end' which was the last song that they recoded together. Actually, George, Paul and Ringo went into the studio to polish off "I Me Mine" for release on the Let It Be album. That was the LAST time they recorded a Beatles tune.

What was The Beatles last song?

The last track on Abbey Road, their last recorded album, was Her Majesty, which is just Paul. The last real song on the album is titled, "The End" The last track on Let It Be, their last released album, is Get Back

What is the name of the last song on the last recorded album by the Beatles?

The lsat written song by the Beatles is Free Like a Bird. It was written and preformed by the three remaining Beatles (Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr) in 1990. John Lennon was unabewrite or record this song as he had died 10 years before.

What were the last Beatles records?

The End was the last song by The Beatles.

Who recorded the song lonely people?

The Beatles

Who recorded the song Cheektowaga Polka?


What was the second song The Beatles recorded?

It was please please me

Which song recorded by Aretha Franklin is a cover of a Beatles song?

Eleonor Rigby

Where was the Beatles' first song recorded?

The Abbey Road Studios

Which Beatles wrote The Octopus's song?

It's from "Abbey Road," the last album recorded by the Beatles before they broke up in 1970. The song, which was written and performed by Ringo Starr, is the fifth track on Side One.