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Well, I'm not completely sure, but what I think is that the TV shows that are on are on because the company of commercials that pay for it. Like, you know on YTV there's always commercials of Toy products, Cleaning products, Food products, Restaurant commercials and many more? And how they always seem to repeat, even once or twice every commercial? Well, showing commercials during shows pays for the shows. That's why TV was sort of invented for commercials. I hope this helped! :D *-*

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Q: Was TV invented to show commercials?
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Can you show someone drinking on tv?

They can drink on television shows but not on commercials.

How has the TV changed since it was invented?

different commercials used to be black and white

Why are commercials called commercials?

Because the tv stations get paid money to put up advertisements. They then use this money to pay for the rights to use a new tv show episode on their channel. Without commercials, commercial tv is nothing.

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Is there a law against showing people drinking on tv?

You can show people drinking on television shows. But it's illegal to show them drinking in commercials. That's why in beer commercials, you always see them hold up the drink but never actually drink it.

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How many minutes of commercials in 1 hour prime time tv show?

31 minutes

How many minutes of commercials in 1 hour tv show in 1980?

0 minutes on BBC TV in UK.

How much does Wheel of Fortune earn?

They don't say and Sony Pictures Television corporate records do not break the earnings down by individual program. It is also a syndicated TV show and not all the earrings from commercials go to the show as the local networks can also sell commercials

How many commercials are show on an average commercial break?

A typical TV show is usually approximately 22 minutes for every 1/2 hour of time. So each 1/2 hour show has 8 minutes or so of commercials. Double this for 1 hour shows (16 minutes of commercials for every hour).

Why do commercials shown during a TV show provide a clue about intended audience?

Advertisers want their ads to reach people who are likely to buy their products.