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Yep. He wed Sophia!

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Q: Was Soupy Sales on the Golden Girls TV show?
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What actors and actresses appeared in The Soupy Sales Show - 1976?

The cast of The Soupy Sales Show - 1976 includes: Clyde Adler Clyde Adler as White Fang Marty Brill Alice Cooper as Himself - Guest (1976) Richard Paul as Himself - Guest Soupy Sales Soupy Sales as himself Soupy Sales as Host (1976)

What movie and television projects has Clyde Adler been in?

Clyde Adler has: Played (White Fang, Black Tooth, Pookie, Man at Door, etc (1959-1962) in "Lunch with Soupy Sales" in 1959. Played Sergeant in "Grindl" in 1963. Played Bald Man in "The Patsy" in 1964. Played Deputy Scott in "The Beach Girls and the Monster" in 1965. Played White Fang in "The Soupy Sales Show" in 1976. Performed in "The Soupy Sales Show" in 1976.

What were the names of the two dogs of soupy sales show?

black tooth and white fang

Who has been hit in the face with the most pies?

Soupy Sales claims to have been hit by more than 19,000 pies. The Soupy Sales show was well known for regularly having cream pies thrown in people faces.

Show starting with g?

Gilmore Girls Golden Girls

Does miley like the show the golden girls?

K, she is probably too young to know who the golden girls where

What other show did dorothy of golden girls play?


The Golden was a tv show starring Bea Arthur?


Estelle Getty and Herb Edelman were on which TV show?

the golden girls

Who was the naked lady in the Soupy Sales skit?

The naked lady name is unknown. She was a topless dancer at a local strip club in Detroit who was brought to the studio by one of the stage crew to play a joke on Soupy during a non-broadcasted taping of the show. The naked lady was not on a live broadcast as many people claim to have seen.

Where is the sound stage for the golden girls?

The Golden Girls filmed at Sunset Gower Studios from 1985-1987. They then moved to Ren-Mar Studios until the show ended in 1992

Everybody but a now-married Dorothy spun-off from The Golden Girls to a new show set in a hotel What was it called?

The Golden Palace