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The late John Banner (28 January 1910 -- 28 January 1973) who played the role of Sergeant Schultz was an actor before WW2 . ~ Look to the related link below .

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Q: Was Sergeant Schultz of Hogan's Heroes a toymaker before the war?
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How did hogans heroes end?

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Was Ben Kingsley in Hogans heroes?

Ben Kingsley is not listed in any episode of Hogan's Heroes .

Who played the Russian woman in hogans heroes?

Nita Talbot

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What was john banner of hogans heroes real name?

Well John Banner played Sargent Shultz in Hogan's Heroes so that is his real name.

What happened to cast of hogans heroes?

As of July 2017, they've all died except for Kenneth Washington who played Sergeant Richard Baker during the final season & Robert Clary who played Corporal Louis LeBeau.

What does the term ganadaga frau mean in Hogans Heroes?

Gnädige Frau in German means Madam.

Why is the show hogans heroes credited as hogans horde?

During syndication, those who took part in profit participation would see some of the royalties. Bob and other members of the cast and crew decided to invest in Hogan’s Heroes. As official profit participants of the series, they comprised the group known as “Hogan’s Horde.

What episode of hogans heroes does klink play the US air force song?

Season 6 episode 9 "The Big Record"

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Where was hogans heroes setting for the show?

Northwestern Germany. Hogan and his men were in a POW camp called Stalag 13. They helped the allied forces sabotage German war efforts.