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River Phoenix had three long term relationships with women between the ages of 16 and 23 (his then girlfriend was with him when he died).

His role in 1991's My Own Private Idaho, in which he played a gay character, gained him a strong gay following and also led to a string of gay rumours that surfaced both before and since his death. It is rumoured he experimented with men as a form of character study. A male director of Photography on one of his 1990 films claimed to have had relations with him in an article for 'Rolling Stone' in 1995.

Most recently, in feb 2008, the national enquirer printed an article about producer Merv Griffin. His close friend claimed he witnessed first hand Griffin seducing Phoenix at a party in 1991.

Phoenix himself neither confirmed or denied gay rumours. His second girlfriend is quoted as saying "If he liked someone, male or female, he felt he should check it out"

Phoenix himself is quoted as saying "I will never understand how someone can have any moral objection to somebody's sexuality. It's like telling someone else how to clean their house!"

many believe Phoenix was most probably bi-sexual.

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If you are a male and are "bisexual", face it, you are a f a g.
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Q: Was River Phoenix gay
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