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Randolph Scott was married once briefly to Marion Du Pont, wealthy heiress of Du Pont companies. Divorced shortly after. Married again in the mid- 1940's to actress Patricia Stillman., with whom he adopted two children. By most credible accounts it was a happy marriage and lasted over 40 years until Scott's death. Scott's son, C.H. Scott wrote a biography "Whatever Happened to Randolph Scott?" in which he refuted all rumors of his father being gay. Most people close to Scott testified he was a deeply religious, honorable man who took his marriage to Stillman very seriously.

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Yes, Randolph Scott the actor was married. His first marriage was to Marion DuPont which ended in divorce in 1939. He then married Patricia Stillman in 1944 and they remained married until his death in 1987.

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Q: Was Randolph Scott the actor every married?
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