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Q: Was Mary Sutter a real person?
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What year did the real Mary poppins die?

Mary Poppins was not a real person. She was a fiction created by P.L. Traverse.

Is Mary smith a real person?

Mary Smith is a fictional character on "EastEnders", a TV show produced by the BBC network. The character of Mary Smith is not supposed to resemble a person in real life.

What was Mary shaw's real full name?

Mary Shaw is a fictional character, not a real person. The character's full name is Mary Ann Shaw.

Is Mary driscoll a real person from 1847?


What is the real name for Mary Amelia Ingalls?

Mary Amelia Ingalls's real name was Mary Amelia Ingalls. She was a real person and a character in the "Little House on the Prairie" book series.

What are facts about john sutter?

he was not the person who discovered gold. James marshall was

Is PL Travers the real Mary Poppins?

No, PL Travers is the author of the Mary Poppins book series. The character of Mary Poppins was inspired by Travers' own childhood governess.

Is Elizabeth Bathory Bloody Mary?

Queen Mary Tudor was a Catholic who was responsible for the deaths of English protestants but the basis of the Bloody Mary Legend cannot be proved. We cannot confirm that the character in the Bloody Mary legend was a real person. Elizabeth Bathory was one person believed to be the Bloody Mary.

What is John Sutters real name?

John Sutter was born on February 15, 1803.

What has the author Robin Oliveira written?

Robin Oliveira has written: 'My name is Mary Sutter' -- subject(s): Nurses, Fiction, History

What were the names of John Augustus sutters kids?

John Augustus Sutter had five children: John Augustus Sutter Jr., Ann Eliza Sutter, Emily Sutter, Augustus Sutter Jr., and Franz Sutter.

What was Mary best known for?

Typhoid Mary is best known for being the first person in the United States of America for carrying the pathogen associated with typhoid fever. Her real name is Mary Mallon.