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no they werent pregnant at the same time nivea got preg 2 yrs before lauren london and in 2011 lauren had a beautiful baby boy hope that answered it

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Q: Was Lauren London and nivea pregnant at the same time?
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How many girls has Lil Wayne gotten pregnant?

4 that everyone knows of. Toya is his daughter Reginae's mom, The video chick he had the boy by, Nivea, and Lauren London were both pregnant around the same time.

Does Lauren London like nivea?

i don't think Lauren London likes nivea i would'NT because were both carrying baby by the same dude right now lil Wayne is not right to give up music he love woman and partying but he loves Reginae and Toya to death nivea is a nice person but i don't think Lauren London likes cause her lil Wayne maddly in love but lil Wayne needs to pick one.

Was lil Wayne seeing nivea and Lauren London at the same time?

Yes; that's why his third and fourth child were born two months apart.

Did Weezy say forget Lauren London for Nivea?

No. He was sexually involved with them both at the same time which is why they both gave birth to his kids only two months apart from one another.

Do Lil Wayne kids have the same mom?

no they all had different mothersNo, Lil Wayne has 4 children and they all have different mothers.His first child, Reginae Carter born to Antonia Carter,His second child, Dwayne III born to Sarah B (Was in his Can't Believe It Video)His third child, Lennox Samuel Ari Carter born to Lauren London (Actress)His fourth child, Neal born to Nivea (Singer)

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