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Q: Was Kathy Bates in TV show The Odd Couple?
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What hit Broadway show in 1965 was a hit film in 1968 and a classic TV series from 1970 to 1975?

Neil Simon's play "The Odd Couple" - also the basis for The New Odd Couple (1982-1983) and The Odd Couple (2015-2017)

What TV show from the 70's had an episode featuring Password?

The Odd Couple

On the TV show The Odd Couple what is the name of Felix Unger's son?


Who played Edna Felix Ungers daughter on the odd couple?

Frances in the play and film and Gloria in the TV show.

TV show was based on a film?

M*A*S*H The Odd Couple Alien Nation

Who wrote the play the odd couple?

The Odd Couple is a play by Neil Simon.

Who was the odd couple playwright?

The play The Odd Couple was written by Neil Simon

What tv shows begin with the letter o?

· The Odd Couple · Oprah Winfrey Show · O'Reilly Factor

What some tv shows that startes with o?

· The Odd Couple · Oprah Winfrey Show · O'Reilly Factor

When was The Odd Couple - TV series - created?

The TV show The Odd Couple was based on Neil Simon's Broadway play of the same name. Garry Marshall was the man behind the series. Note of interest:Oscar's secretary Myrna was played by a pre-Laverne and Shirley Penny Marshall who was related to Gary Marshall.

What is the duration of The New Odd Couple?

The duration of The New Odd Couple is 1440.0 seconds.

What is the duration of Odd Couple film?

The duration of Odd Couple - film - is 1.62 hours.