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No, he has never had the black hair you see when Kane wears a mask. He did have hair, but it was under his wig, and it was blonde. Glen Jacobs, portraying Kane since 1997, hasn't been paid to cut his hair. It was his personal choice as Molly Holly did in 2004. When you look at the New Diesel of 1996/1997, Glen Jacobs had long black hair when he portrayed him. When he first entered the WWE in 1997 as Kane, he also had long hair. He cut it a bit like Triple H did and it is really his hair. Well, it WAS really his hair. He wasn't paid, it was a personal choice. Maybe McMahon told him about it but he did it because he wanted. Kevin Nash rescently said in an interview that when Jericho cut Nash's hair, in the hair vs hair match, Nash had to cut it anyway for the movie The Punisher. So yes, the wrestlers that do the hair vs hair matches really do want their hair cut. But, to answer your question YES Kane got paid, but he would have got paid if he cut it or not. There was no incentive for him to shave his head. If you take a look at Summerslam 2000 where Taker takes off Kane's mask, his hair was evidently real in my opinion. YES Kane was paid to cut his hair, because if you look at OVW and ECW he has long hair WITHOUT the mask and he did have long hair when he had the mask on. Its just the day the mask came off they cut his hair, but it wasn't all gone. So yes, he was paid to cut his hair. Yes he was, just like he was paid to wear a mask. Kane had long hair all that time. The wig was just something stupid they had him do during that match with Triple H to make him look like more of a freak. But he's had his mask taken off before by Undertaker and DX and no wig ever went with it. It was obvious that his hair was fake that night. He only partially shaved his head for that ONE DAY. Then he cut it all off after he took off the mask for good. But besides that, he's had pretty long hair for years. Yes, it's naturally moer of a blondish or brownish color, but he's dyed it dark brown since 1997 when he became Kane. Same with Undertaker. Taker's hair is really red, even grey now actually. And he wasn't PAID, he just did it for the role. WWE doesn't pay wrestlers extra to do what they want them to do, they just agree to do it. Glenn Jacobs the man known as Kane was not paid to cut his hair. He has had long hair ever since 1997, and if you read the WWE book where WWE superstars tell tails on the road, it has Big Show and Rey Mysterio on the cover, Kane actually says a few things about his character. He in fact hated the mask, and his long hair. So the decision was to cut off the hair and remove the mask. However, this decision had to be made not by him alone. Wrestlers don't make the final decision when it comes to angles like this, but they do run it by the writers for approval, and sometimes they do get approved to go ahead and do something new, or different. Kane was finally given permission to get rid of the mask, and cut his hair if he wanted as long as the story would work with it. That is why he cut his hair the way he did when he first removed the mask. Kane did have long hair, but they did the wig to make him look like a freak (along with that dumb make-up - I don't know what the purpose of that was, it looked so fake). I can see where you would think that, because it is a funny haircut. But he is still one of my favorite wrestlers of all-time. Kane evidently with long hair which is not a wig.

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Q: Was Kane paid to cut his hair?
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Did Kane get paid to cut his hair?


Did Kane wear a wig when masked?

During the career of the masked Character Kane, he did not wear a wig it was his natural hair, when Kane was unmasked we was told to cut it off and attach it to the mask

Was cm punk paid to cut his hair?

Yes. He agreed to cut hair hair for the storyline because he wanted a shorter look I believe.

How did Kane loose his hair?

first it got burned then as he got into his career without a mask he cut it off. If you pay attention look at the top of his head and you can see the spot where he had a little bit of hair, or check it out on youtube under (KANE REMOVES HIS MASK AND WATCH HIS HAIR)

How do you make Kane's mask and hair WWE?

Well, Kane's mask is made of leather and his hair is a wig and Kane does have hair now but not long yet, almost though.

Why did Kane where a mask?

kane wore a mask becaues he did not want to shave his hair and people made a foul of his hair

Why did undertaker have cut his hair into spice cut?

Because he kept cutting his hair in till Triple H (Hunter Hearst Helmsley) accepted his wwe wrestlemania match and he was paid to have it cut any way for the acting!

When did Kane remove his mask and cut his hair?

to move his character forward i think. much like the undertaker keeps changing thru the years.

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no because Kane dosent have alot of hair like Abyss

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