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no he german

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Q: Was Friedrich Karl von drais married?
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What is Karl Drais's full name?

Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Christian Ludwig, Freiherr Drais von Sauerbronn

Who invented mp3 technology?

karl friedrich von drais

Was Baron von Drais french?

Karl von Drais (full name: Karl Friedrich Christian baron Drais von Sauerbronn (1785-1851) was a German. He invented the "Laufmaschine"- litterally: 'the walking machine', a wooden pedal-less bike which later developed into the regular bike.

What is baron karl von Drais full name?

Karl von Drais invented the draisine in 1817.See also the link below.He was the one who invented the first bicycle. Signed,seratBaron Karl Von Drais was the inventor of the Running machine (the bike).he invented a lot of things

Was Baron karl von drais a girl or a boy?

Like most barons, and people named "Karl", Karl von drais was male.

Where did Karl von drais invent the bicycle?


When did Karl Friedrich von Liel die?

Karl Friedrich von Liel died in 1863.

When was Karl Friedrich von Liel born?

Karl Friedrich von Liel was born in 1799.

When did Friedrich Karl von Schönborn die?

Friedrich Karl von Schönborn died in 1746.

When did Karl Friedrich von Savigny die?

Karl Friedrich von Savigny died in 1875.

When was Karl Friedrich von Savigny born?

Karl Friedrich von Savigny was born in 1814.

When was Karl Friedrich von Klöden born?

Karl Friedrich von Klöden was born in 1786.