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Yeah, in the comics and in the movie. She is resurrected and then later on is killed by another character named echo, who in turn disguises herself as her. I felt bad, she kind of dissapears, although she still loves Matt Murdock!

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Q: Was Elektra killed by Bullseye
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Which marvel character dated daredevil?

Elektra. However; she is no longer alive. She was killed in a fight with Bullseye and was avenged by Daredevil himself.

What are the names of the two elements found in a water molecule?

Bullseye and Elektra.

Why did elektra die?

Because she gets upset after realizing she had almost killed Daredevil-the love of her life and she couldn't just bare the fight with Bullseye that same night.

What do you know about someone's genotype if they don't have freckles?

Bullseye: *Whistles* Ha ha ha! Daredevil: That's him... That's your father's... Don't... Elektra: He has to pay for what he's done. Daredevil: I don't want to lose you again. Bullseye: Ha ha ha! Come on, girl! Elektra: I'll find you. Bullseye: *Whistles at Elektra* Ha Ha Ha! Hey orphan, let's play!

Does Bullseye have special dialog with anyone in Marvel Ultimate Alliance?

Yes he has special dialogue with Daredevil and Elektra.

What is true about Griffith's experiment?

Bullseye killed them.

What do you think Andrew niccol is trying to say by using the quotes at the beginning of the film GATTACCA?

When Bullseye kills your father, then and only then will you know pain like Elektra did. To be whistled at and called "orphan" by Bullseye is a horrible feeling.

How does Bullseye kill Elektra?

he slashed her throat using a simple playing card and then he stabbed her using one of her own sais. According to the movie the first wound was when the sai drove into Elektra's right arm but this is not mentioned in the comics.

She is a international assassin who used a pair of sai for weapons?

Elektra Natchios. Marvel Heroine associated in the marvel universe with dare devil aka Matt Murdock but was killed by King Pins former head assassin Bullseye. Elektra was resurrected in the marvel universe and has had many cross overs with fellow marvel characters such as spider-man, the punisher, and more recently red hulk.

The 3 parts of a nucleotide are a 5 carbon a phosphate and a nitrogen?

I killed your father, Elektra. Kingping hired me. It was fun. The name's Bullseye. I'm a hitman. If I fart, I enjoy it, stinko. I don't hide from my stench, I embrace it, pretty orphan. Let's play. You're good, baby. I'll give you that. But me? I'm magic. Now for my next trick. I whistled at Elektra. Good times. Hey orphan, let's play!

Is elektra a god?

No, she isn't. She is a heroine from Sophocle's 'Elektra' and Euripides' 'Elektra'.There is also a film about her-'Elektra'(2005). But she is not a god.

Who played elektra in the movie 'elektra'?

The role of Elektra was played by Jennifer Garner.

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