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Yes, by adoption. According to the Roycroft website. L Ron Hubbard's father was adopted into the Hubbard family, and Elbert was his uncle by adoption.

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Possibly. According to the Roycroft website, the Iowa Hubbards, the family who adopted L. Ron Hubbard’s father, is not in Elbert Hubbard’s family tree. L. Ron used his supposed uncle’s fame for his benefit, dedicating one of his books to him. Elbert died 4 years after L. Ron was born, it was not known if they met.

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Q: Was Elbert Hubbard and L Ron Hubbard related?
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Where is l ron hubbard buried?

He wasn't. He was cremated.

How old was L. Ron Hubbard at death?

Supposedly he died of a stroke in San Luis Obispo.--from Wikipedia.orgL. Ron Hubbard's death will always be tainted with mysterious circumstances as he was surrounded by external and internal enemies that wanted his control of The Church Of Scientology. An unholy alliance of the IRS and Interpol is believed to have teamed up with the internal traitors of Scientology to lure Hubbard to the location near San Luis Obispo, California. An agreement was allegedly reached to end all U.S. government interest in Hubbard's IRS problems and DOJ problems that stemmed from Operation Snow White where Scientology officials broke into federal offices and stole documents. In August 1978, 11 high ranking members of Scientology were indicted on 28 charges. One of the indicted was Mary Sue Hubbard, wife of Scientology's creator L. Ron Hubbard. The other ten were Gerald Bennett Wolfe, Cindy Raymond, Henning Heldt, Duke Snider, Gregory Willardson, Richard Weigand, Mitchell Herman, Sharon Thomas, Jane Kember, and Mo Budlong. Kendrick Moxon and L. Ron Hubbard were named unindicted co-conspirators.Hubbard thinking he could finally end his self imposed exile, it is theorized that this "Cabal" of internal Church figures along with IRS/Interpol took over Scientology. A former IRS commissioner and non-scientologist named Meade Emory restructured all of the Church under CST. Meade Emory is founder of the Church of Spiritual Technology (CST), doing business under the fraudulent fictitious business name of "L. Ron Hubbard Library." It isn't a church, and it isn't a library: it's the richest and most powerful corporation in the entire Scientology empire, owner of all the copyrights, owner and controller of the most important trademarks, and beingrun by the Internal Revenue Service through three non-Scientologist tax attorneys hand-picked by Meade Emory and "the Service"--IRS--to be Special Directors of CST for life. David Miscavige became the Chairman and Spiritual Leader.

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When was L. Ron Hubbard House created?

L. Ron Hubbard House was created in 1904.

How old is L. Ron Hubbard?

L. Ron Hubbard was born on March 13, 1911.

Who was the on earth rep for scientology?

L. Ron Hubbard

Where is l ron hubbard buried?

He wasn't. He was cremated.

How many of L Ron Hubbard's children are a part of his church?

L Ron Hubbard had seven children, but only one of his children, Diana Hubbard, is known to have been involved in the Church of Scientology.

When did L Ron Hubbard die?

L. Ron Hubbard died at the age of 74 on January 24th, 1986. It was of a stroke, and the coroner found traces of a drug called Vistaril in him. Church officials claim that he did not die, simply discarded his body to travel to another galaxy.

What modern day author invented a religion?

L. Ron Hubbard.

What American writer founded scientology?

That was L. Ron Hubbard (1911-1986).

Was Alister crowley friends with L Ron Hubbard?

Yes, Aleister Crowley and L. Ron Hubbard were briefly acquainted in the late 1940s. They corresponded and met in person once. Hubbard later claimed that Crowley was an influence on his teachings in Scientology, though the extent of their actual relationship is debated.

What cult was invented by American science-friction writer L Ron Hubbard?


Are Joseph Smith and L Ron Hubbard similar?

They are both from the United States of America.

What is positive about Scientology and L Ron Hubbard?

L Ron Hubbard is dead. Theres something positive for you. Seriously though, he was a brain washing con artist and there isn't much positive about Scientology. Also, I am not a member of the Internet phenomenon known as Anonymous.