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yeees, he was treated by the British.

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Q: Was Duleep Singh treated by the British?
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When was duleep singh born?

Victor Duleep Singh was born in 1866.

When was Victor Duleep Singh born?

Victor Duleep Singh was born in 1866.

When was Frederick Duleep Singh born?

Frederick Duleep Singh was born in 1868.

When did Frederick Duleep Singh die?

Frederick Duleep Singh died in 1920.

When did Sophia Duleep Singh die?

Sophia Duleep Singh died on 1948-08-22.

When was Sophia Duleep Singh born?

Sophia Duleep Singh was born on 1876-08-08.

What things happened to duleep singh?

the things are that he was a mahrajai in punjab duleep singh i have some positive about duleep singh that are he had a big rich house he had money he was the friend of queen victoria

Do you agree to duleep singh was a victim of the british empire which brought him nothing but misfortune?

Yes, I do. Although Duleep Singh gained a British Education, he lost in many ways. He lost his koh-i-noor diamond, the rule over the Punjab and a lot of money.

Who was the ruler of Punjab before British rule?

The fist ruler of the Sikh empire was Maharaja Ranjit Singh and the last , Duleep Singh before the British Empire annexed Punjab.

Was duleep singh and others winners or losers of the british empire?

he was a it of both really go on wikapedia and find out more info

When did Victor Duleep Singh die?

Vir Bahadur Singh died in 1990.

How else is Dalip Singh commonly referred as?

Dalip Singh was commonly referred to as Duleep Singh in the later stages of his life. He was called this later is his 55 years of life that spanned a majority of the 19th century.