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The Chipettes, like their male counterparts, are a comedic take-off on the Ronettes. Brittany is the lead singer- is the shortest (stands up on a circus-animal platform-You know truncated cylinder) and even acts like Veronica Bennett in her prime- making eyes at the audience and Tugging on her Dress- one wonders what gestures she may have employed ( heel clicking?) at the Berlin concert that turned into a riot- and the Girls were escorted off-stage by a squad of five MP"s and ushered into- a TANK> Oh Boy. Nedra, the wag remarked ( and you thought the Apollo was tough! I can imagine one of the guards retorting,. err, you mean the Rocket shot? ( she meant the theatre)

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Brittany is the popular one from the whole group

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The Chipettes are named Brittany Miller, Jeanette Miller, and Eleanor Miller.

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Q: Was Brittany charlene the chipette
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Was there ever a chipette named Stacey?

No stacey was never a chipette. The three chipette names were Brittany, Jeanette, and Eleanor Miller

What are the girl chipmunks names in Alvin and the chipmunks?

The pink-clad Chipette (or the one who likes Alvin & is his "counterpart"): Brittany Miller The purple/blue Chipette (or the one who likes Simon, wears glasses and is his counterpart): Jeanette Miller The green-clad Chipette (or the one who likes Theodore, is chubby and is his counterpart): Eleanor Miller Their last names are from the 80's cartoon series, "Alvin and the Chipmunks".

Who does the voice for britny the chipette in Alvin and the chipmunks?

Brittany is voiced by Christina Applegate .

How can you one recognize Jeanette Brittany and Eleanor Chipette who wears pink purple and green?

Brittany Miller is the oldest and the sassiest Chipette . She is the lead singer . She wears pink but has been seen in other colors and is shorter than Jeanette yet taller than Eleanor .Jeanette Miller is the tallest of the three and middle sister . She wears blue as her signature color, but she also wears purple .Eleanor Miller is the youngest and the chubbiest of the three . She wears spring green almost all the time .

What personality do the chipettes have?

Brittany- she's the leader which makes her lean a little towards the bossy side. She is very protective of her sisters at the times they need it. Brittany can be very bratty and vain but like I said she always helps her sisters when they need it. She loves looking pretty and wearing cool clothes. Her favorite color is pink. She is the oldest of the Chipettes. She dates Alvin. She is really sassy and loves challenging Alvin. Jeanette- she's the shy one. Jeanette is very klutzy but she is definitely the nicest Chipette. She is a scientist and doesn't care very much what she looks like. She always looks out for the other Chipettes and can be very brave when the need arises. Her favorite color is purple and she is the middle sister. She dates Simon. Eleanor- she's the athletic one. Eleanor loves sports and plays a lot of different ones. She gets very annoyed when Brittany complains. She is probably the bravest Chipette. (Brittany is sort of brave too but more in a "don't make me snap my fingers in the z formation" kind of way.) Eleanor also loves to cook and bake. She pretty much nothing like her boyfriend, Theodore (who is a sweet, lovable butterball.). Eleanor is the youngest Chipette. Her favorite color is green.

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Who is Charlene the Chipette?

Charlene was the first Chipette, appearing on the albums The Chipmunks Go Hollywood and Rockin' with the Chipmunks. Charlene was replaced in the cartoons and subsequent albums by Brittany, Jeanette, and Eleanor.

Will Charlene the Chipette ever make her first talking and singing film debut in Alvin and the Chipmunks 4?

Charlene is not one of the group- we have Brittany, Jeannette, and Eleanor who are based on.

Was there ever a chipette named Stacey?

No stacey was never a chipette. The three chipette names were Brittany, Jeanette, and Eleanor Miller

Who is the tallest chipette Brittany or Jeanette?


Is the chipette in the pink's name Brittany?


Who is Brittany miller chipette?

Christina Applegate .

What is the name of the pink Chipette?

Brittany's signature color is pink.

Who is the oldest chipette?

Brittany is in fact the oldest chipette in the Squeakquel.People always think Jeanette is the oldest but really Brittany is but Eleanor really is the youngest but if you guys want to believe Jeanette is the oldest then FINE!

Is Brittany really everyone's favorite Chipette?

Brittany dosen't love Alvin, even more can not stand him (hate him).

Is Alvin ever going to kiss Brittany the chipette?

actually he did in the cartoon version not the squekuel

Who sings for Brittany of Alvin and Chipmunks?

Janice Karman provides the Chipette's singing voice .

Which chipette would go with which chipmunk?

Brittany=Alvin Jeanette=Simon Eleanor=Theodore