Was 11eyes dubbed

Updated: 8/31/2023
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No I will not be dubbed the ova is dubbed but not the show

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No 11 eyes will not recieve an English dubbed adaptation.

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Q: Was 11eyes dubbed
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Is there a season 2 of 11eyes?

most likely not

What are the ratings and certificates for 11eyes - 2009?

11eyes - 2009 is rated/received certificates of: Canada:13+ (Quebec) (VHS/DVD rating) USA:TV-14

Did yuka kill kakeru in 11eyes?

no SHE didn't kill him

Which episode in '11Eyes' did they go to a pink world?

That was in the OVA.

What actors and actresses appeared in 11eyes - 2009?

The cast of 11eyes - 2009 includes: Yu Asakawa as Kusakabe, Misuzu Mai Goto as Minase, Yuka Daisuke Ono as Satsuki, Kakeru

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What are some anime or manga like Undertaker Riddle and Monochrome Factor?

Bleach , 11eyes , D.Gray-man , Soul Eater and Venus vs Virus .

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