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The song's title is "Holding out for a Hero' sung by Bonnie Tyler.

This song was not in the movie Flashdance, but in the movie Footloose.

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Q: Was 'i need a hero' a song in flashdance?
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What movies is the song 'what a feeling' in?

Flashdance and Top Gun

Who won the Oscar for Music - Song - in 1983?

Flashdance won the Oscar for Music - Song - in 1983.

Who won the 1983 Academy Award in the Best Original Song category for Flashdance?

The 1983 Best Original Song Oscar -- won by the song "Flashdance...What a Feeling" -- was shared by Giorgio Moroder (music) and Keith Forsey and Irene Cara (lyrics).

What was the song on movie flashdance's breakdance scene?

It Just Began by Jimmy Castor

What film won the Oscar for Best Original Song Score in 1983?

"Flashdance... What a Feeling" from Flashdance with Music by Giorgio Moroder and lyrics by Keith Forsey and Irene Cara.

Who sings the rock song on the NFL commercials that goes you need a hero?

Skillet - Hero Took me abouts a good 20 minutes to find the song, but it is from Skillet - Hero.

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"World's hardest song" is not a guitar hero song,It's modded,The mod is guitar hero: customYou need you console chipped or programmedThen you need to go to the site to download the songMy apologies I do not know what the site is called..

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Lady Kenny Rodgers

What is the duration of Flashdance?

The duration of Flashdance is 1.58 hours.

When was Flashdance?

Flashdance was released on 04/15/1983.

What was the budget for Flashdance?

The Production Budget for Flashdance was $7,000,000.

Where online can one find the lyrics to the song Maniac from the movie Flashdance?

The lyrics to Maniac from the movie Flashdance can be found on sites such as E Lyrics and Sweets Lyrics. Videos that display the lyrics can also be found on YouTube.