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In a comedy of humor, there are characters that resemble different types of personality. Volpone is a satire about human depravity.

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Q: Volpone as a comedy of humour?
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What actors and actresses appeared in Volpone - 1967?

The cast of Volpone - 1967 includes: Sydney Bromley as Corbaccio Peter Collingwood as Magistrate Harry Dillon as Gregory Penelope Horner as Celia Will Leighton as Magistrate Charles Lewsen as Magistrate Alan MacNaughton as Voltore Edward Malin as Magistrate Martin Matthews as Corvino Clive Revill as Volpone Tommy Reynolds as Nano Ian Taylor as Notary Eric Thompson as Mosca

Is Father Ted suitable for children?

Most of the humour is suitable for children. A lot of it is slapstick and silly humour which children would enjoy.. Some of the humour would be very subtle and children might not understand it like adults would.

What was the humour in the 'a fishy story' written by jerome k jerome?

The humour turned out to be that the fish was actually made of plaster of paris and was not a stuffed trout.

Why is stand up comedy popular at the moment?

Stand up comedy. Is a gift. It's a gift to the world that has a lot of hurt. It's ALWAYS popular. It started out as storytelling. It went into Vaudeville (pre-radio, pre-movie, pre-television entertainment). Now, if you can find a comedian or humourist that defies the common trend and does not swear or lean on rude or blue elements, then you really have comedy. That takes work. Shock and schlock humour - not that funny! Not that hard to do. You have to be smart with words and timing and anthropological knowledge to make strangers laugh - when you want them to! God bless comedians and comedy writers and actors. We need them.

What is the significance of the word comedy in divine comedy's title?

The word comedy signifies happy ending which is prominent in divine comedy.

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Is the gremlins a comedy?

depends on your sense of humour

What did ben jonson write?

Poet, Ben Johnson is best known for his work titled " Every Man in His Humour ". He also had written " Volpone, or The Foxe".

What is Duke Humour?

Duke Humour is a Canadian based comedy group from White Rock, British Columbia.

What is called dark comedy?

A performance having elements of both comedy and tragedy with morbid and grimly satiric humour

What are some words that mean the same as comedy?

Burlesque, humour, farce, satire, wittiness...

What are synonyms for comedy?

light entertainment, humour, fun, joking, farce, jeting, hilarity

What is a humorous story?

One containing elements of humour aka comedy such as jokes and stuff to make you laugh.

What form of comedy is used in the Rush Hour movies?

Mostly its a mixture of slapstick and physical comedy but there are also some language related comedy moments, with puns and plays on words and humour arising from misunderstanding.

Why did commedia dell arte aim to achieve?

Humour, hence the name Commedia Dell'Arte which means the art of comedy.

Was John Lennon funny?

John Lennon was an accomplished musician and not well known for comedy, however he did have a sense of humour.

What is Bawdy humour?

a sexual related humour, there are different categories which include for example explicit or miming. It is used in greek comedy theatre. An example could be: 'this is one long cucumber' or any sexual humor as such.

When did Mark Volpone die?

Mark Volpone died in March 2013, in United States.

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