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there are several speeds for vinyl records, but for common formats it is 33 rpm, 45 rpm, 78 rpm and actually 33 1/3 rpm. that's what they were called 45's because they made 45 revolutions or rounds but it's actually revolutions per minute.

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Q: Vinyl records make how many rounds per minute?
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What is a synonym for vinyl?

Vinyl is a strong plastic that is used to make records. Synonyms for vinyl include album, 45, singles, LPs, and discs.

What is a type of resin used to make gramophone records before the advent of vinyl?


You have old vinyl records that you cannot find anymore on CD so you want to record them to CD How legal is it?

If you purchased the vinyl records and they are yours and you are not going to use them in a public performance or make money out of them, then go for it.

What is the temperature needed to make vinyl records pliable?

The lowest temperature needed to make a vinyl record pliable is 130 degree Fahrenheit. This will allow the record to be pliable for a few seconds.

Why did they make the vinyl record player?

Vinyl records replaced shellac records, which were heavier and costlier to produce. The record player was a more durable, portable version of the Edison Cylinder, which was the first mass-produced recorded audio format.

Is the sound quality of vinyl records better than digitally mastered CD's?

Well, if a vinyl record is played using a good turntable and cartridge, and if the record is in good condition, it is every bit as good as a CD.___________Without quibbling too much over terminology, it is possible to have a recording on vinyl that has been digitally mastered. But you are asking about a comparison between music pressed onto a vinyl disc and music recorded and played back digitally. Many will say that the sound from a good quality vinyl record has a warmer quality than most digital recordings, but it is very likely that those who say it are from the generation that grew up with vinyl records. I think there is some truth to it. It may seem that vinyl is warmer because good vinyl recordings are so goodthat their slight lack of fidelity is mistaken for an intended effect of softness, much like the appeal of some photographs that are very slightly out of focus. However, I would not like to see a return to vinyl. Vinyl records are too prone to scratches, warps and other things that make them less desirable. Keep in mind that people who grew up with vinyl records didn't typically have high quality digital recordings to compare them to. The best vinyl records at the end of the vinyl era seemed to be as good as it could possibly get. Were we in for a surprise!

What materials are used to make vinyl records?

the souls of only the purest kittens, the eucalyptus leaves of the most potent trees, and a lock of charlie sheens hair

Do billboards offer last minute changes?

Yes, they do but it is not without cost. To make a last minute change they are going to have to have the vinyl reprinted and then cut to put on the billboard. With the advent of the digital Billboard this can be done much more easily but... there will still be a cost involved.

What does the acronym rpm stand for?

# RPM is a standard for how many revolutions the record would make per minute. Different sized records required the speed be changed on the record player.

Do people still record on vinyl records anymore?

The vinyl record continues to be a popular format with nearly 2 million vinyl albums sold in the US in 2008 and the British Phonographic Industry (BPI), claim the number of 7 inch vinyl singles sold in the UK rose from 178,831 in 2001 to 1,072,608 in 2006.

What is the uses of vinyl?

used to make eraser

Can I make a vinyl record out of songs ( like a mixtape )?

In principle you could, but the equipment used to make such records is designed to produce quantities in the tens of thousands. Making a single vinyl record will cost as much as making the minimum number (which will all be shipped to you and you will have to figure out how to store or sell all of the thousands of copies that you don't need).The process used to make vinyl records is as follows:prepare a tape of what is to go on the record (I guess you have this)with a spiral disk record lathe cut the music into two wax disks (one for each side) to make "positive" copies)electroplate the wax disks with metal (to make "negative" copies)take each metal "negative" shell and fill the backside with metal to create two "press disks"mount the "press disks" in the record pressthe record press will inject melted vinyl on the lower "press disk" then squeeze the vinyl between the two "press disks" to make one recordthe "press disks" are cooled in the record press to harden the record and the record is removedthe record press repeats steps 6 and 7 from a couple thousand times to a couple tens of thousand times without stopping