Total of spike lee movies

Updated: 4/28/2022
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1.Miracle at St. Anna

2.Inside Man

3.All the Invisible Children

4.She Hate Me

5.25th Hour


7.Summer of Sam

8.He Got Game

9.4 Little Girls

10.Get on the Bus

11.Girl 6



14.Malcolm X

15.Jungle Fever

16.Mo' Better Blues

17.Do The Right Thing

18.School Daze

19.She's gotta Have it

20.Joe's Bed-Stuy Barbershop: We Cut Heads


22.The Answer

23.Last Hustle in Brooklyn

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Q: Total of spike lee movies
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Who was the star of four of Spike Lee's movies?

Denzel Washington has starred in four of Spike Lee's movies. The quartet of movies include:Mo' Better BluesMalcolm XHe Got GameThe Inside Man

How did spike lee get famous?

spike made movies to represent the line between African Americans and white people

Is Spike Lee single?

No, Spike Lee is not single.

Why are Spike Lee films called Spike Lee Joints?

because spike lee is a known pot smoker

Does spike lee have a son?

Yes Spike Lee does have a son.

What did spike lee have to overcome?

spike lee had to overcome being black

How many children does Spike Lee have?

Spike Lee has 2 children

Does Spike Lee have children?

Yes, Spike Lee has 2 kids.

Does Spike Lee have kids?

Yes, Spike Lee has 2 kids.

Is Spike Lee tall?

Spike Lee is 5 foot 7

When did Spike Lee get married?

Spike Lee married to Tonya Lewis in 1993

What is Spike Lee's birthday?

Spike Lee was born on March 20, 1957.