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noone knows but on YouTube people have made videos of it.

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Q: Total Drama Island Characters 5 years from now?
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Is Trent from total drama island 13?

No. All of the competitors are 16-years old.

How old are the contestants in Total Drama Island?

it doesn't matter how old you are, the show is rated PG which stands for Parental Guidance which means you have to ask your parents. Me and my little sister watch it (I'm 12 and she's 9) and some of it's inappropriate but over all it's fine.

When will total drama action start in Australia?

Two years ago.

In total drama island is anyone under 16 years old?

In the first episode, Chris said that all the campers are 16 years old, so it's highly possible that no camper is under that age. But there were brief scenes with some children in the episode "Wawanakwa Gone Wild".

How old is Gwen on total drama island?

June 17th. She and Ben have the same birthday.

How many years are you expected to go to drama classes for?

you are expected to stay in drama class for about six to seven years

In total drama island What is the name of Lindsay's 2 sisters?

her oldest sister's name is veronica shes a 2 years older than Lindsay and she has a total cruch on duncan next is paula she is 1 year older but in the same grade level as each other veronica looks like Lindsay there twins but veronica has green eyes

How long did odysseus stay on calypso's island?

There are different accounts of the exact amount of time he spent as captive on her island, but most of them say that he spent a year on Circe's island, 7 years on Calypso's island, and 2 years being blown around from island to another. It took him a total of 10 years to get back to Ithaca after the Trojan War

Why did Duncan from Total Drama Island get arrested?

They only say there is 3 reasons on his letters from home video. The first reason is on New Years he has a party naked in public, the second reason is for selling his dad's hair pieces as pets, and the third reason is for having a pool party in the city hall fountain

What was Jackie Chan's first school?

Jackie Chan attended the Nan-Hwa Primary School on Hong Kong Island for two years before attending the China Drama Academy.

How has drama changed throughout the years?

not sure lol

Why did Club Med Lindeman Island close?

Lindeman Island was a popular tourist attraction for many years throughout it's existence. Club Med decided to sell the massive island for a total of $12 million dollars.