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Q: To what genre does the song unchained melody belong to?
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What is the theme song for the movie 'ghost'?

Unchained Melody is the theme song for Ghost.

Why was the song titled Unchained Melody?

song was sung in the 1950's movie "unchained"

Who sang unchained melody in ghost?

the name of the song is called unchained melody and it is by the righteous brothers :)

What are the piano notes for unchained melody?

The piano notes for the song, Unchained Melody, can be found on the website Music Notes.

What song is playing in the famous pottery wheel scene in the movie Ghost?

The iconic love scene in Ghost is where Sam helps Molly on a potter's wheel and begins kissing her as "Unchained Melody" by The Righteous Brothers plays.

What bandleader had a hit in 1955 with Unchained Melody?

Unchained MelodyMelody by Alex North, lyrics by Hy Zaret.

Whats the slow song on the movie ghost called?

Unchained Melody

Who owns the rights to Unchained Melody?

Unchained Melody is a song that has been recorded by many artists. The most famous and best loved is the Righteous Brothers version. The current owner to the rights of the song is Paul McCartney.

What NO 1 single did not include title in song?

Unchained Melody. Space oddicy bohemiem rapsody The kethchup song

What songs are in the movie Ghost?

1. Unchained Melody 2. Ghost 3. Sam 4. Ditto 5. Carl 6. Molly 7. Unchained Melody 8. End Credits 9. Fire Escape 10. Oda Mae & Carl I hope this helped.

What UK number ones do not contain the song title in the lyrics?

bohemian rhapsody unchained melody

When is the copyright of Unchained Melody expiring?

The song will be protected through 2050; recordings will be protected longer.