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1901? Everyday life in 1901 was vastly different to life today. Many aspects of 1901 life have been improves to fit into today including clothing, entertainment, work and technology. Firstly the clothes worn in 1901 changed for the different classes. All women wore dresses down to the ground and girls wore dresses down to their knees or the floor. Men wore long pants and if they were of a higher class, waistcoats and a jacket. Men of lower classes generally didn't wear the waistcoats or jackets. Boys wore clothes similar to men but with the option of shorts. Today people, depending on their culture, can wear whatever they want. Females can wear dresses as short as they want but females generally choose to wear pants now. Males can also wear whatever they want. For both females and males, there is generally no restriction to what you wear, including you class. Even if you are higher up you do not have to go around in nice dresses or suits. Clothing has changed a lot in the past 100 years or so and it plays and important part in the differences between the years. Entertainment is also very different from what it was in 1901. The television was not invented until the 1950's and the computer did not enter the home until the 1980's. In 1901 wealthy children would've probably had nice toys and dolls to play with but the poorer children would have to make do with home-made toys or hand-me-downs. They may also have played outside. Since TV and computers had not yet been invented so people, with enough money, went to music halls and theatres. Some people had gramophones but no radios. Today we have televisions, phones (home and mobile), computers, laptops, computer games, video games, a large array of toys and much more. People now still go to the theatre but it is less common as people can just stay home and watch TV. Back in 1901 people did not have much choice with what they can entertain themselves with. Today people have so much more, which costs more money, but they still manage to say "I'm bored." Entertainment has gradually changed through the years until it is common for every house to have at least one phone, computer and TV. In 1901 people would've been lucky to just have a phone. Another factor that has changed was work. If a household did not have a servant it would be the females who did most of the work around the house. They would cook, clean, wash etc. The reason for the woman doing the work is that very few of them had jobs. Firstly they would have nothing to do all day, so why not do the shopping and cleaning and also men were the ones who brought in the many. Why would a man work to support his family to come home, to find that his wife, who's had nothing to do all day, has not cleaned or cooked a single thing? Today most women have jobs and both men and women help around the house. The change of men cleaning is from woman starting to get jobs, so they are not lazing around all day. Also all children must go to school now, which prepares them for a future job. Why go through 12 years of school only to have it all wasted Work has changed life today dramatically. People's views are different and everyday life has certainly been altered. Finally technology is one of the main aspects between 1901 and today. Technology has developed dramatically in the years. We not only have TV's, computers, telephones, we now have laptops, mobile phones, radios, fridges, freezers, ovens, washing machines, dryers, microwaves, internet etc. Back then in 1901, they were lucky if they had a telephone and/or a gramophone. They had a coal fire to cook their food and they washed using a dolly and mangle. Theses things were difficult to use and took up time. They didn't have fridges so they generally bought food daily. Now we have so much more to help us and entertain us. We are given so much to make our life much simpler all because of technology. Everyday home-life was so much different then. With little to entertain them, women cooked and cleaned while men spent their day working and bringing in the money. Now people spend less time cleaning, because things have been developed to make cleaning easier, and men and woman work so they spend less time at home. Everyday life in 1901 has been changed dramatically though the years to today. Clothing, technology, work and entertainment have all altered the changes in the years. People now have different views and opinions and in some ways have a life led by more freedom.

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Q: To what extent was everyday life different in 1901?
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