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Who Framed Roger Rabbit

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Q: This movie set a record with 763 names in the credits it would have been 764 if Kathleen Turner hadn't opted out What is it?
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actually it was when itachi killed the village and it dosent show u until about episode 135-142 but sasuke is chasing after itachi and basically losses control he obtains the first lvl of sharingan (u will notice that vs haku, he has two swirly balls next to the actual inner pupil) but against itachi he gets the first swirly balll thing but then after like five seconds of maintaining itachi is so proud but he has to leave the village, then sasuke passes out, wakes up in hospital badabing badaboom btw he cant activate it untial zabuza because he was practically unconsious when he got it so he thought he hadnt achieved it yet******************NEW ANSWER *******************Sasuke first awakens the first level of the Sharingan when he was 7, before the start of the original Naruto series, when Itachi massacred the Uchiha clan. For most of the episodes in the original series, Sasuke doesn't use it because Sasuke forgotten he had activated it as he was traumatised by the incident. He reactivated it during the Land of the Waves arc while fighting Haku, where his right eye has two tomoe in it. By the time he fights Rock Lee in the Chunin Exams, both his left and right eyes had two tomoe. Midway during his battle against Naruto at the Valley of the End before the end of the original series, it has three tomoe in each eye. His mangekyo sharingan was obtained in Shippuden after Itachi died and his eternal mangekyo sharingan was obtained after implanting Itachi's eyes into his own sockets.

A Short Summary for Breaking Dawn?

Twilight is about a girl named Bella who goes to live in Forks, Washington with her dad Charlie. on her first day of school she takes notice to the Cullens. after lunch in her biology class she sits next to Edward and she cant understand why he dislikes her so much. she begins to notice that Edward is different from other people. when he saves her from tylers van, she notices that he is impossibly fast and strong. in port angeles where he saves her from those men, he tells her that he can read minds. she then realizes that his skin is ice cold. she hears the old legends about the cold ones and does research and realizes that Edward is a vampire. they start to fall in love and while out playing baseball the bad vampires come. they are James and Victoria and laurent. James is a tracker so he decides to track Bella. Alice and jasper take Bella to Phoenix, Arizona. James tricks Bella into thinking that he has her mom and tells her to meet him at the ballet studio alone or he will kill her mom. she gets away from Alice and jasper and when she gets to the ballet studio she realizes that he didnt have her mom and that it was a trick. edward figures it out but by the time he gets there James has alreadt bitten Bella.he fights James until the rest of his family gets there and then has to suck the poison out of Bella's arm. they kill James and at the end Edward takes Bella to the prom.

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