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When the dude said "The Dude abides.", he meant that he (Himself) will wait patiently.

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Q: The word abide has several variations of meaning So what does the Dude mean when he says The dude abides?
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Why is Abide With you sung at the FA Cup Final?

The singing of Henry Lyte's famous hymn "Abide With Me" has been part of FA Cup Final tradition since 1927.That year's Final between Arsenal and Cardiff City was only the fifth at what was then the "new" Wembley Stadium. King George V and Queen Mary attended in those days and "Abide With Me" was known to be one of their favourite hymns. FA secretary Sir Frederick Wall arranged for it to be included on the songsheet.It was the year in which community singing was introduced into the pre-match programme. The first conductor was TP Ratcliffe, who became famous as "The Man in White". He was followed after World War Two by Arthur Caiger, a London headmaster, and then by Frank Rea, who continued until the 1970s.The melancholy words to "Abide With Me" were written by Henry Francis Lyte, a Devon vicar, in 1847. He completed them on the same day as he delivered his last sermon at the "All Saints" parish church in Brixham. Three weeks later, then in his mid-50s, he died of tuberculosis.The hymn has become part of the ritual of Cup Final Day. Its deep, stirring sound seems to knit together different loyalties and backgrounds, providing a moment of unity before the battle to come."Hold now your cross before my closing eyes,Shine through the gloom and point me to the skies,Heaven's morning breaks and earth's vain shadows flee,In life, in death, O Lord, abide with me."

What are the Little cabin in the woods lyrics?

In a cabin in the wood, little man by the window stood; saw a rabbit hopping by, knocking at his door. (frightened as can be) "Help me, help me", the rabbit said, "Or the hunter'll shoot me dead!" Little rabbit come inside, safely to abide

Why is Alex Forrest so threatened by the termination of seemingly insignificant affair?

Alex Forrest played by Glenn Close in the movie Fatal Attraction is a control freak and cannot abide by the termination of her seemingly insignificant affair with Michael Douglas. She feels threatened due to the power struggle between them.

What are the lyrics to This Christmas by chris brown?

This Christmastide Lyrics and Music: Mary McCulloch and Donald Fraser/Arrangement: Donald Fraser© FraserMusic Interactive ASCAP Green and silver, red and gold And a story born of old Truth and love and hope abide This Christmastide, this Christmastide Holy, ivy, mistletoe And the gently falling snow Truth and love and hope abide This Christmastide, this Christmastide From a simple ox's stall Came the greatest gift of all Truth and love and hope abide This Christmastide, this Christmastide Children sing of hope and joy At the birth of one small boy Truth and love and hope abide This Christmastide, this Christmastide Let the bells ring loud and clear Ring out now for all to hear Truth and love and hope abide This Christmastide, this Christmastide Trumpets sound and voices raise In an endless stream of praise Truth and love and hope abide This Christmastide, this Christmastide Green and silver, red and gold And a story born of old Peace and love and hope abide This Christmastide, this Christmastide

Do celebrities on Yo Gabba Gabba get paid for their appearances?

The actors' unions require a minimum payment to be made to actors for all non-documentary TV appearances, including talk shows (and shows like Yo Gabba Gabba). I believe currently only "reality" TV appearances are exempt because the participants are not actors, and therefore not required to join the unions or abide by their rules.

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What is the present tense of abide?

I/You/We/They abide. He/She/It abides. The present participle is abiding.

What is the noun of abide by?

The word 'abide' is a verb: abide, abides, abiding, abode, abided. The word 'by' is an adverb when not followed by a noun phrase, or a preposition when followed by a noun phrase. The noun forms for the verb to abide are abider, abidance, and the gerund, abiding.

What is meant by abides by the law?

To abide by the law means to follow and obey the law.

How do you use the past tense of abide?

Abide has several meanings. He abided in London for several years. -- to dwell or reside

What is Jesus friend?

Those in whom He abides, who abide in Him and are doers of the word not hearers only...(John 3:3-8; Romans 6:23; Acts 2:38)

What is the meaning of abide with?

Abide with- to put up with or tolerate Though Maria was disgusted with her husbands eating habits, she was forced to abide with him, for she loved him too much to move out, as she would surely have to do.

What is the meaning of beausejour?

It means "beautiful place to live (abide)"

Is the word abode a common noun?

Yes, the noun 'abode' is a commonnoun, a general word for a place where one stays or lives.The word 'abode' is also the past participle, past tense of the verb to abide (abides, abiding, abided or abode).

What are some words that are close in meaning to the word 'inhabit'?

To inhabit is to: live, abide, populate, or dwell.

What is the first mention of the word abide in the bible?

I am the vine and you are the branches if you abide in me I will abide in you

What is the meaning of the abode?

of Abide, pret. of Abide., Act of waiting; delay., Stay or continuance in a place; sojourn., Place of continuance, or where one dwells; abiding place; residence; a dwelling; a habitation., An omen., To bode; to foreshow., To be ominous.

When was Abide with Me created?

Abide with Me was created in 1847.