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The part where yo ucan see blocks is filmed in Roehamtpon and the rest I presume was filmed in a studio.

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Q: The video for the busted song .. that's what i go to school for . Where was it filmed?
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What pop video did the model Lorna Roberts appear in?

Busted- What I go to school for

Who was the teacher in the busted video of 'that's what you go to school for'?

A plus size model called Lorna Roberts.

Where was the video for Indian summer filmed?

The video was filmed in Chowchilla, CA. The football teams in the video are the long time rivals Chowchilla Indians and Dos Palos Broncos. The people in the stands are actual residences of Chowchilla and Dos Palos or went to Chowchilla High School and Dos Palos High School. As for the scenes with the girl with her son on the beach, I'm not sure where that was filmed at. But I do know where the game was filmed and about the teams since I am a Dos Palos High School Alumni.

Where was the music video fantasy filmed?

The music video for firework was filmed in Budapest, Hungry.

Where was Westlife's video for my love filmed?

The video "My Love" of West Life was filmed in Ireland - Cliffs of Moher.

Where was Rolling in the Deep video filmed?

It was filmed in an abandoned house.

Where was David Archuleta's video Crush filmed?

it was filmed in georgia.

Where can one find a music video of the Busted song Sleeping with The Light On?

It is easy to view the music video of the song "Sleeping with the Light On" by Busted. The video is available for free streaming from YouTube, or it can be downloaded at a slight cost from iTunes.

Where was the Carlos Santana Rob Thomas music video Smooth shot?

"Smooth" video being filmed in front of the Children's Storefront School in Harlem, New York

What country was Selena Gomez's music video for Round and Round filmed in?

The video was filmed in Hungary in the capital city of Budapest.

No thats just for converting Audio not Video?

No thats just for converting Audio not Video

Is Vanessa Hudgens in the music video thunderbirds are go by Busted?