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The answer is 6 b/c 5/6 of 36 is 30, and when u subtract 36 from 30 you get 6.

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30?? I’m not sure

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Q: The team's ratio of games won to games played was 5 to 6 If the team played 36 gameshow many games did the team fail to win?
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Where are the NBA games played?

NBA games are played in stadiums of a teams state

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The multiplier bonus added to the teams score on the gameshow.

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Teams in the 1908 season played a schedule of 154 games.

How many games played if 5 teams played every other team in volleyball?

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Lets see, 30 teams play 41 home games so that is 1230 regular season games plus playoff games.

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IF There are six teams in a baseball league How many games must be played for each team to play the other five?

the total amount of games that all teams would have played wuld be 15 they dont replay eachother

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There would be 55 games.