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"Take me to the church on time" is a song from the musical "my Fair lady"

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Q: The song Is take me to church a christIan song?
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Where do christian weddings take place?

In the church

Who wrote the christian song we speak to nations?

Israel Houghton wrote the Christian song, "We Speak to Nations" and performed it in 2002 with Cindy Cruse Ratliff and the Lakewood Church choir and orchestra.

Which band recorded the song With All I Am?

The song "With all I am" was recorded by the Hillsong United band, who are a Christian worship band that originated from the Hillsong Church in Australia.

Can Germans go to church if not christian?

Any one can go to church, regardless of if they are Christian or not. However, you must be a devout Christian to take part in Christ's Eucharist (drink the wine (blood of Christ) and eat the bread (the body of Christ)). You may however, go to church and be blessed if you are not a devout Christian.

What is the name of Christian cage's tna theme song?

Take over

How is christian church different to roman catholic church?

The Roman Catholic Church is a type of Christian Church.

What is a Christian church?

A true Christian is usually called a Protestant. So a Christian church would be called a Protestant church.

Is Carrie Underwood catholic?

Yes, Carrie Underwood has publicly and proudly announced she is a Christian. Her decent lifestyle (not church-going, but actual lifestyle) backs that up and her lyrics aren't that of your average pop star. She is best known for her Christian song "Jesus Take the Wheel". She also has a song called "Temporary Home" which is also a Christian song.

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Yes, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day saints is a Christian church.

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A true Christian is usually called a Protestant. So a Christian church would be called a Protestant church.

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The pope is the leader of the Christian Church but is only recognized as such by the Catholic Church.

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He belonged to the Church of England, which is certainly a Christian church.