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OMG!!!!!!!!!!! YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its the best song eva! (watch gaara and rock lee caramell dancing on YouTube!)

i know its soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo eentertainig


I feel like writing my own response as well...

HELL YA IT'S ADDICTING!!!!(personally I like the Akatsuki dancing it...DANCE KAKUZU DANCE!!!!!!!!!)


I am weird btw...FEAR ME!!! lolz...


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Q: The song Caramelldansen is addicting
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What is the Caramelldansen?

a song sung in the Swedish language, "Caramelldansen" is "The caramel dance" in English

What episode in lucky star has the song caramelldansen?

That song is not in the Anime.

How can you get caramelldansen on Synthesia?

It is possible to get Caramelldansen on Synthesia. There are a few sites with the download and also YouTube has many videos with tutorials to help others get the song.

Who sings caramelldansen?

The song Caramelldansen was released by a band by the name of Caramell. The Swedish band put out the song in 2001 and it came into prominence via internet memes in 2006.

Is the caramelldansen popular?

Caramelldansen is very popular. there are over one thousand videos made with that song. a lot of anime fans love the song. It is so popular it is know all over the world. It is sung in another language so if you want to understand the lyrics go to youtube and type in caramelldansen English with lyrics.

Who is the artist of caramelldansen?

The band who made Caramelldansen is called Caramell.

What is caramelldansen?

Caramelldansen is a nifty little song by the Swedish musical group Caramell. It means the Caramell Dance. (But hopefully you could figure that out. T.T) In Japan it's called Uma Uma Dance because some of the songs lyrics were misheard. Type Caramelldansen in on YouTube, and you can see the dance, too! XD

What is the most addicting song in the world?

Hi I know the most addicting song in the world :} it's Billionaire I mean even if u don't like it it's addicting!

Where can you find caramelldansen midi file? Here's a some filses on sites that doesn't require you to buy an application: Piano File: Midi-maker DJ Duke Nukem:

Is the caramelldansen Swedish?

Yes, caramelldansen is Swedish. It is the first track of the album ''Supergott'' released by the band Caramell in 2001

Who is caramel?

its a band famous for their speedy mix of a song called caramelldansen origonaly sang by a band called supergott. But it is spelled Caramell.

What country was caramelldansen from?

It is from Sweden ^^