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She stabs her step mother right at the end of Halloween 4.

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Q: The part in the Halloween movies where jamie Lloyd kills someone?
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Is jamie Lloyd from Halloween real?


Hoe old is jamie Lloyd from Halloween now?


How old is the little girl on Halloween 6?

I believe you're referring to the little girl in Halloween 4 and Halloween 5, who plays Jamie Lloyd. Danielle Harris, who portrayed Jamie Lloyd, was 11 years old when Halloween 4 was filmed, and 12 years old when Halloween 5 was filmed. In Halloween 6, which was filmed several years later, the character of Jamie Lloyd was grown and portrayed by a different actress.

Does Jamie Lloyd die in Halloween?

Yes, Michael kills her in Halloween 6 by pushing her onto a corn thresher.

Is Danielle Harris going to be in Halloween 2?

Danielle Harris played Jamie Lloyd in Halloween 4 and 5 as a child. As an adult, she played the role of Annie in the remakes of Halloween 1 and 2.

Is Michael Myers after laurie in Halloween 6?

No, Laurie is not in Halloween 6, he is chasing Laurie's daughter (his niece) Jamie Lloyd and her baby and Laurie's adoptive family The Strodes.

When was Jamie Lloyd created?

Jamie Lloyd was created in 1988.

Which actress starred in horror movies such as Halloween Terror Train and Prom Night?

jamie lee curtis

Someone explain why Laurie has a son and daughter in Halloween?

In the original Halloween movie, Laurie does not have a son and a daughter. Rather, she is babysitting two children, Tommy and Lindsey. In subsequent movies (Halloween 4, 5, and 6), we find out that Laurie had a daughter named Jamie. In Halloween H2O, we find out that Laurie has a teenage son John.

When was Jamie Lloyd - director - born?

Jamie Lloyd - director - was born in 1980.

Who is jamie loyd in the Halloween movies?

shes an orphaned daughter of laurie strode and dies in the sixth after giving brith to her son steven

Who started in the movie Halloween 1?

The actors who starred in the movie Halloween 1 are Donald Pleasence and Jamie Lee Curtis. They have also starred in other popular movies including Parent Trap.