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Q: The parlor is the darkest room in the house.?
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The parlor is the darkest room in the house?


What degree of comparison is used in this sentence The parlor is the darkest room in the house.?


Degree of comparison in The parlor is the DARKEST room in the house because it has fewer windows than the other rooms?


Is parlor a noun or an adverb?

The word 'parlor' is a noun (a room in a house, or a beauty parlor), a word for a thing.

What is a parlor?

A room in the front of the house for receiving guests.

How do you use the word parlor in a sentence?

The lady of the house escorted me into the parlor. Please come in and have a seat in the parlor so we can sit and visit. The parlor is a word not much in use nowadays, as we use living room, or front room, as that is where this room is usually located. The parlor, for some, was for more formal entertaining ,such as Sunday visitors or a Ladie's tea. This was before the Great Room concept, or family room.

What are four sentences for the word room?

Give the paramedics some room.There was no room in the cupboard.I want the biggest room in the house to be mine.There was a whisper coming from the darkest corner of the room.

What is the blue room for in the white house?

The Blue Room serves as a State parlor in the White House. It is an oval shaped room on the first floor, that is normally used for receptions. The room is furnished in the French Empire style and has a nineteenth century French chandelier as its focal point.

What is double parlor?

A double parlor refers to a house having two livingrooms.

What is a summary about the story the red room in the white house?

The Red Room is a parlor and music room that is used for small dinner parties at rare times. It is situated on the first floor, third parlor.

What does the slang word parlor mean?

Living room.

What is the definition of the word parlor?

a room for the reception and entertainment of visitors to one's home; living room.