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Q: The ming emperor who drove the mongols out of china in 1368 and brought stability to china was?
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How did honwu bring stability to china?

Hong Wu was actually Zhu Yuan Zhang, the first emperor of the Ming Dyansty. He chased the Mongols out of China. He also did not brought stability by not fighting any more wars as the last part of the Yuan Dynasty was all fighting and people could not plant their crops and harvest them properly.

How did the Mongols affect China?

unfied China and brought peace to the land

What rebel leader became emperor after the mongols were driven out of china?

Ming Emperor Hongwu (Ju Yuanzhang)

Who was the Chinese ruler that led a rebellion against the Mongols ruling over China and eventually became emperor of the ming dynasty which he helped establish?

Ming Dynasty was the Chinese ruler that led a rebellion against the Mongols ruling over China. It finally became emperor with Ming Dynasty help.

What are important landmarks in China and why are they important?

The great wall of china because it is sacred to the Chinese and was built by the first emperor of china, and the reason behind the build of the wall was to prevent the Mongols succeeding in a raid or attack against the Chinese Emperor

What qing dynasty emperor brought peace and prosperity to china?


What land was not conquered by the mongols in china?

which land was not conquered by the mongols in china

When were the Mongols driven from China?

The Mongols were driven out of China in 1369 by the Ming dynasty.

When did the mongols invade china and set up yuan dynasty?

They began to invade China during the 13th century. Kublai Khan was declared the emperor of China in 1260, but it took another 19 years before the people in the south were fully brought under mongol rule. The Yuan dynasty was offcially established in 1271 before they gained complete control of China.

When did the Mongols first controlled China?

1227 BC, mongols ruled all of northern china

What dynasty did the Mongols set up in china?

The Mongols set up the Yuan Dynasty in China.

Were japan and china invaded by the mongols?

no they did not but china did