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The meaninng angeluz by natividad marquez

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Q: The meaning of the angelus by Natividad Marquez?
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Who is Natividad Marquez a Filipino literature?

Natividad Marquez is a Filipino poet and writer known for her works in the field of Philippine literature. She is recognized for her poems that reflect themes of love, nature, and Filipino culture. Marquez's contributions have helped enrich and preserve Filipino literary heritage.

What are the meaning of the 1 and 2 stanza in the poem the sea by natividad marquez?

In the first stanza of Natividad Marquez's poem "The Sea," the speaker describes the sea as being full of life and energy, reflecting its dynamic and ever-changing nature. In the second stanza, the speaker emphasizes the sea's role as a mirror that reflects the sky and clouds, highlighting the interconnectedness of nature and the sea's ability to capture and hold onto the beauty of the world above it.

How did natividad j marquez become a poet?

Natividad J. Marquez became a poet through her passion for writing and storytelling. She likely spent years honing her craft, experimenting with different styles and techniques to find her unique voice as a poet. Through dedication and perseverance, she was able to establish herself as a poet and share her work with others.

What is the birth name of Kitten Natividad?

Kitten Natividad's birth name is Natividad, Francesca Isabel.

What is the birth name of Marcus Natividad?

Marcus Natividad's birth name is Mark Michael S. Natividad.

What does the poem The Sea by Natividad Marquez mean?

THE SEA By Natividad Marquez Why does the sea laugh, Mother, As it glints beneath the sun? It is thinking of the joys, my child, That it wishes every one. Why does the sea sob so, Mother, As it breaks on the rocky shore? It recalls the sorrows of the world. And weeps forevermore. Why is the sea so peaceful, Mother, As if it were fast asleep? It would give our tired hearts, dearest child, The comfort of the deep.

What is the rhyme scheme of the poem the sea by Natividad Marquez?

this poem wants to present the life of people in the world

When was Natividad Cepeda born?

Natividad Cepeda was born in 1949.

When was José Natividad born?

José Natividad was born in 1857.

When did José Natividad die?

José Natividad died in 1948.

When was Natividad Vacío born?

Natividad Vacío was born in 1912.

How tall is Ben Natividad?

Ben Natividad is 5' 7".