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Q: The different voices or instrumental lines of a sound of the melody in a musical composition is what?
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What name is given to a musical composition in which two or more voices sing in the melody but start at different times?


What was the chant that was used as the main melody in a musical composition?

Cantus firmus.

What has the same melody and the same words?

A round is a type of musical composition where multiple voices sing the same melody but start at different times, creating harmonies. The most famous example is "Frère Jacques" (Brother John) which has the same melody and words but starts at different times.

What do you call it when styles from 2 different musical traditions combine?

it is called melody

What is musical Repetition?

Musical repetition is when a specific musical idea, such as a melody, rhythm, or motif, is repeated in a piece of music. This repetition can create structure, coherence, and familiarity within the music, and can be used to enhance the overall impact and effectiveness of a musical composition.

What does solo mean in a musical composition?

The instrumentalist plays the melody on their own with some accompaniment. If in orchestral situation, the leader of the section plays the part.

A Gregorian Chant melody sung very slowly beneath a more active musical line?

A Gregorian Chant melody sung very slowly beneath a more active musical line.--Cantus firmus The voice singing the melody of an organum.--Vox principalis In a polyphonic composition, the part that holds the melody.--Tenor The voice singing the accompanying line of an organum.--Vox organalis

What is a LaboraPhonology?

The study of sound absorbed to form a new strain of musical chemistry or composition based on the human agents of emotion, sight, sound, smell, taste and various environmental variables. "One melody goes in and an entirely different melody comes out. That is the music that comes out of your heart!" Scoot + Connect

What is balanced section?

A balanced section is a segment of a composition in which the music is structured in a symmetrical or evenly distributed manner. This could refer to the arrangement of different musical elements, such as melody, harmony, and rhythm, to create a sense of equilibrium and completeness within the section.

Is musical melody voice or music?

In a vocal solo, the voice is the melody.

Why is harmony important in a musical composition?

The melody practically carries out the whole song. It's like the core.

What is a song with only words called?

an instrumental song. just instruments, no words