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Q: The advantage of having music written down was that?
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Where music is written down?

Music is written down on specialised paper called either music manuscript or music staff paper and is available with variable staves per page.

How is folk music different from regular music?

Folk music and classical music is analogous to fables and written history. Folk music can be passed down through generations aurally, but never written down. Classical music, much like written history, has been formally published.

Is music written down in China?

Of course.

Is Australian aboriginal music written down?

No Aboriginal music was passed down through word to mouth. Meaning they never wrote it down.

Why is music written down?

Music is written down to preserve and communicate musical ideas between musicians. It allows for accurate replication of compositions and provides a way to share music across time and space. Written music also helps musicians to understand the structure, timing, and dynamics of a piece.

What is the most amazing music ever written?

The most amazing music ever written down would have to be the first time it was ever written down. A real game changer for the entertainment world.The first music written down was on clay tablets created at Nippur, in Sumer about 2000 BCE. The fragments that remain indicate it was for performing music Details are that it was based on in harmonies of thirds, and used a diatonic scale.(five whole steps (whole tones) and two half steps (semitones) in each octave)

Why are you unable to know very much about the music of very early cultures?

be willing to explore music that is unfamilliar

What is one major difference in how people make music today versus in Cecil Sharps time?

Most music today is written and recorded for commercial purposes. It was also passed down orally, rather than being written down.

What is the possessive of friendship?

The possessive form of the noun friendship is friendship's.Example: Your friendship's advantage is having someone to talk to when I'm feeling down.

An advantage of having household circuits in parallel is that?

If they were in series you would have no power every time a tool or light bulb broke down

Was Prehistoric music was often written down on clay tablets?

"Prehistoric" implies that there are no records of the period. That is before writing was invented.The first example of written music wase found written in cuneiform on a tablet, It was made at Nippur, about 2000 BCE. Along with music, the Sumerians kept many written records on several topic.So yes the earliest music was written on clay tablets, no it was not prehistoric.

What does loco mean in piano terms?

To play as the music is written down.. Neither an octave higher or lower