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that's Because Tommy Stinson was a bit showy and aggressive.

while Chris Mars was or seems to have been shy, quiet and conservative. i don't see where they are posed together though. they are side by side in many photos. not only that Little Chris is always in the background of most of the band photos.

a gorgeous person Chris Mars is he's just not showing aggression in the photos(such as being up front and posing). why i say that is because he's the best looking member of the Replacements.probably Chris was camera shy?

in the videos Chris is not aggressive either(such as jumping off the stage,throwing Guitars or drum sticks or breaking anything). but Tommy does do these things and (jumps around wildly) and Paul of course is the lead singer so Paul gets most of the attention.

so Chris to me seems like a mild mannered person.

then maybe Chris and Tommy were probably just close as band members. as some people in groups bond as friends. they probably confided in one another is what i mean.

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Q: The Replacements 1980's band Why are Tommy and Chris always posed together in band photos?
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