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-Answer 1: Shes gorgeous. I don't know much about her cus she isn't too much of a celeb in the US but i knew shes worth alot of money . I know she dated nick hogan for lyke a year.. this is the only pic i got of her


maybe someone else has more. She has an official site at

-Answer 2: she got a myspace

-Answer 3: heather was adopted when she was 5. She was born in South Africa and used to run around with the niggs. shes an actress sometimes but other times she does charity work and stuff. she is the founder of twede par project which is a foundation she created when she was 16. her sister was murdered she had a twin brother but he died. this year her mom died in Africa and heather was in a fire. shes okay tho. uhmmmm that's all i know of but shes pretti.

-Answer 4: http:/img419.imageshack.usimg4192005gente093rv.jpg

there was a recent scandal on the internet when someone was posting heathers stories and everything but used Adriana Limas pics. well i don't know why they did that it was gay but heres what she looks like.. i know her pics are rare if you live here lol so yeah. EDIT- um this is gay but yeah that pic link i posted u gotta put a "/" before gente093rv. how lame

-Answer 5: Unlike other claims on various sites on the internet (especially .com sites) Heather IS NOT a singer. She is an actress among other things. People were posting Adriana Limas pics as Heather i havent the slightest clue why either. Heather is stunning and they should have just used her pics. As far as info about her like the person posting this question wants.. She lives in Pensylvnaia and California her dad is a movie producer and director and her mom is a stay at home mom. Heather doesnt have any blood family as they are all decest except for her birth dad. She has one little sister Hanai Dylan who is 3. She is known to be private about her life but she cant cause shes very known in like 4 countries. Her birth name was Heather Mae Lahey but now her legal name is Heather Amor Dylan. She is 18 yrs old and dated Nick hogan [she went to court with him the day he was sentenced to jail]. Its rumored that shes dating Herrold Fetzer but its not a for sure thing and I have no clue either. Add her on myspace shes got proof on her page [[a pic and a video]] to prove its her that runs the myspace page. Shes a sweetheart. and That's all i know for now.

-Answer 7: Heather is not a singer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!She is a songwriter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The people that were faking her need to get it right!

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Q: The REAL Heather Dylan The one from Africa that is the adopted daughter of the movie director and granddaughter of bob... anyone have info on her?
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