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that's true

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Q: The Honeys was a sixties singing group?
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Carnie's whacky Aunt Dee Dee once sang in what sixties group?

the honeys

What black male singing group in the sixties made a song called I'll wait for you?

sugar pie honny bunch

Who was Paul Simons singing partner during the sixties?

Art Garfunkel

What group was Elton John in in the sixties?


What is another word or singing group?

A chorus is a singing group. Other singing groups include a trio.

What sixties girl group recorded chains?

The Cookies in 1962

A singing group of eight is called an?

A singing group of eight is called an octet.

What was mrs honeys real name?

miss honeys real name is Embeth Davidtz

Who is the singing group halo?

beyonce its only her singing the song

Was Colin Cooper the lead singer of sixties group Hipster Image?


Which pop group put out the song i got rythym in the sixties?

The Happenings in 1967

Is pistol annies a singing group?

it is a country singing group with Miranda Lambert in it and 3 other girls!