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The Holy Family

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Q: The Christian family is referred to as what?
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Did Selena Gomez grow up in a christian family?

Yes her family is christian!

What is Christian family?

A Christian family is a family that spends a lot of time at church and obeys and honors Jesus Christ. Christian families are rare but wonderful

In Christian beliefs who is the Baby Angel?

In Christian beliefs the Baby Angel is referred to Jesus at his birth at Christmas. As a baby he was seen as an angel from heaven therefore he is referred as the Baby Angel.

What religion is Whitney housten?

She is a known as a christian she comes from a christian family and a very gospal family

What were non Christian crusaders referred to as?

j They were called Infidels.

Is it okay for me to eat with my family on Christmas if I am a Christian?

Of course! I can only imagine that the reason for the question is that your family is not Christian, apart from yourself. If so, surely it would be the Christian thing to eat with your family at Christmas time. I can not imagine that either your family or any genuine Christian would want to separate you from your family at this time.

Was Korey Cooper born into a Christian family?

Yes, Korey was born into Christian family. Her father was a pastor.

What faith is Nick Jonas?

Nick Jonas has stated many times that him and his family are Christian.

What has the author Inez Christian Doshier written?

Inez Christian Doshier has written: 'James Terrill Christian' -- subject(s): Country life, Family, Genealogy 'Parental ancestors of the James Terrill Christian family' -- subject(s): Family 'Christian-Terrill genealogy'

What country did The Family live in?

If "The Family" being referred to is the Manson Family, then the answer would be the U.S.

What is another name for the New Testament?

Christian-Greek Scriptures The New Testament can also be referred to as the New Covenant.

What is Novak Djokovic's religion?

Novak is Christian Orthodox......most Serbs, Greeks, and Russians are Christian Orthodox, also referred to as the Eastern Christian church.