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Q: Summarize an episode of a weekly television series that you watched recently Describe how the programme transmitted cultural beliefs values and customs?
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What is the best adjective that describe someone addicted to watch TV?

Couch potato

What is UK tv watershed?

In 1958, the Nuffield Foundation funded social psychologist Professor Hilde Himmelweit at the London School of Economics to look at the influence of television on children in Great Britain - prompted by the increased popularity of television since the introduction of commercial broadcasting in 1955. The end result of this was the publication of "Television and the Child".Professor Himmelweite's research - which questioned over 4000 children - found that, although parents couldn't be held responsible for what a child might see on television, few children watched TV after 9 pm. The solution she suggested was that "unsuitable" material be excluded from programmes before 9 pm.In 1959, the Independent Television Authority (ITA) and the BBC jointly appointed a committee chaired by Ms May O'Conor to study the recommendations. Both the BBC and ITA said they did not believe that the needs of children could be allowed to determine the nature of all TV output up to 9 pm but conceded that 6-9 pm should be seen as "family viewing time".Officially, the watershed was introduced following the Television Act of 1964 (a consolidation of the Television Acts of 1954 & 1963, which set out the rules under which Independent Television companies were allowed to operate). Its stated aim was to exclude all material that might be injurious to children, before 9 p.m.Technically, the BBC weren't covered by this requirement but operated under its own charter, instead. It wasn't until the 1980's (confirmation required) that the BBC announced their commitment to a formal 9 p.m. watershed.

Are reality shows freak shows?

Reality television is a genre of television programming which presents purportedly unscripted dramatic or humorous situations, documents actual events, and usually features ordinary people instead of professional actors. Although the genre has existed in some form or another since the early years of television, the term reality television is most commonly used to describe programs of this genre produced since 2000. Documentaries and nonfictional programming such as news and sports shows are usually not classified as reality shows. Reality television covers a wide range of programming formats, from game or quiz shows which resemble the frantic, often demeaning shows produced in Japan in the 1980s and 1990s (such as Gaki no tsukai), to surveillance- or voyeurism-focused productions such as Big Brother. Such shows frequently portray a modified and highly influenced form of reality, with participants put in exotic locations or abnormal situations, sometimes coached to act in certain ways by off-screen handlers, and with events on screen sometimes manipulated through editing and other post-production techniques. not freak shows

How would you describe the obsession of zi dima?

How would you describe the obsession of zi

What does Charlie describe Joey as?

In the novel Last Days of Summer: What does Charlie describe Joey as?

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When you summarize something, you are trying to explain the main idea(s). When you describe something, you will use as much detail as possible.

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Words that describe AIDS are chronic, end-stage, and worldwide. Words that describe HIV are retroviral, sexually transmitted, and asymptomatic.

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Describe your own knowledge skills practice values beliefs and career aspirations at the start of the programme?


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it needs electricity......

How do you describe a television?

addicting, sometimes annoying, and makes people fat

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im watch television program but i did not enjoy becouse

How would you describe the overall influence of television on Americans their lifestyles and their worldviews?

Television has had a strong influence.

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Each person might have a different way to describe a favorite radio programme. Personal taste plays a part in each person's favorite radio show. Some would describe their favorite as the latest news updates or the newest songs.

What are the twelve powerful words?

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Television is a medium driven by advertising and hence, profit.