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letting a reader into the writer's emotional world. -apex

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Finally, I have seen this girl answer so many answers, but, every single one was incorrect. So congrats on finally getting your guess correct. :)
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That is true thoughΒ 
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Writers who want to let a reader into their emotional world.

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Stream of consciousness is an effective technique for?

writers who want to let a reader into their emotional world.

James Joyce's novel Ulysses is the most famous example of what?

the "stream of consciousness" technique.

What was James Joyce's novel ''Ulysses'' the most famous example of?

The "stream of consciousness" technique of writing.

Can I have the style The Jilting of Granny Weatherall?

the jilting of granny weatherall is written using the stream of consciousness technique

What was the Literary technique used to present characters thoughts and feelings used by James Joyce?

stream of consciousness.

What term refers to the narrative technique that writers use to represent the natural flow of feelings thoughts and impressions?

Stream of Consciousness

What is stream of conscious in mrs dalloway?

stream of consciousness is a literary technique where the text consists of the character's unbroken stream of thought as if you were actually in their head. The character often jumps from one subject to another at random.

What do you call writing that follows the thoughts or feelings of the writer?

Personal EssayMemoir, personal essay, or persuasive piecean op-ed or opinion piece.

Why is the narrative in James Joyce's Ulysses easy to follow?

Actually, thanks to the stream-of-consciousness technique, the narrative in "Ulysses" is quite difficult to follow...

Why do authors use stream of consciousness as a narrative technique?

it gives the reader deep insight into a narrator's interpretation of events in a raw and unpolished manner

Which technique was one way Modernist writers compensated for the fact that they couldn't make assumptions about their readership the way past writers could?

the use of stream of consciousness narration

Who was responsible for the stream of consciousness?

we all are