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yeah its in the episode 407 Brian The Bachelor watch it at

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Q: Stewie teasing Brian about his novel?
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Where does Stewie discover Brian's thoughts of suicide?

Brian tell Stewie the truth when they are stuck in the bank vault in the episode Brian & Stewie

Are there any Brain and Stewie episodes in Family Guy?

All of the "Road to" episodes are primarily Stewie and Brian centered episodes, also of the episode titled Brian and Stewie

How many babies has Stewie killed?

Stewie told Brian he had killed Seven babies.

Are stewie and brian griffin partners in crime?


What episode does Bryan owe stewie 50 dollars?

Because Brian bet Stewie Carol Channing would lose in a fight w/ Mike Tyson. She won so Brian owed Stewie $50.

What Family Guy episode do Brian and Stewie perform at the Emmys?

Brian & Stewie's Emmy appearance & performance wasn't part of any Family Guy episode.

Does stewie griffin love you?

No, Stewie Griffin only loves Brian.

Which episode of Family Guy had the exchange between Brian and Stewie on the topic of the Flat Tax?

I was wondering the same thing! It's the one where Stewie meets his future self, and Old Stewie shows Young Stewie Rupert the teddy bear. Rupert is missing a leg or something, and Young Stewie asks what happened, then flashes back to the time when he and Brian were debating the flat tax, and Brian started eating Rupert.

Which show features Stewie and Brian?

Family Guy

Does Brian like Stewie on Family Guy?


Names of kids from New England colonies?

Peter, Stewie, Louis, Brian, Meg, Chris, and Quagmire. Peter, Stewie, Louis, Brian, Meg, Chris, and Quagmire.

In which Family Guy episode do Stewie and Brian join the army?

Saving Private Brian