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Baile a la luz de la luna

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Q: Spanish guitar song in movie dancing on the harvest moon?
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What is the music in Dancing at the harvest moon movie?

Is it Ottmar Liebert.? guitar....

Where can you buy dancing at the harvest moon on video?

information on the movie "dancing at the harvest moon"

What is the dancing music from the TV movie Dancing at the Harvest Moon?

Dancing at the Harvest Moon was a 2002 movie that starred Jacqueline Bisset. The name of the dancing music is 'That's How Strong My Love Is' and it is performed by Otis Redding.

The Everyothers song from movie the guitar dive with you?

The movie is called The Guitar directed by Amy Redford and starring Saffron Burrows. The Everyothers perform a song of theirs called Dive With You as well as doing a cover of Bowie's John I'm Only Dancing.

What classical guitar music inspired the movie song Johnny Guitar?

The song Johnny Guitar and the soundtrack for the movie of that name were inspired by Spanish Dance No.5 in E minor (named Andaluza), Op. 37, by Enrique Granados. Granados originally composed it in a set of "12 Spanish Dances" for piano, but it is very popular as a guitar solo or duet for two guitars. To hear them, go to the Related Links below.

Who sings the song that's how strong my love is from the movie dancing at the harvest moon?

Otis Redding, but there are several more under the title, like the one by The Rolling Stones

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