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Me Without You- Ashley Tisdale

You and Me- Lifehouse


Forever and Always (Piano Version)- Taylor Swift

My Wish- Rascal Flatts

What Hurts the Most

Bless the Broken Road

True- Ryan Cabrera

Stop and Stare- OneRepublic

Far Away- Nickelback

What's Left of Me- Nick Lachey

Thinking of You- Katy Perry

Need you Now- Lady Antebellum

Then - Brad Paisley

It did

(mabey, he's talking about he and his wife, so he does mention marrage and kids in the songs.)

U2 - One

U2 - Bad

U2 - Sometimes you can't make it on your own.

I Swear This Time I Mean It- Mayday Parade

Goodnight Moon- Go Radio

One Man Drinking Games- Mayday Parade

Miserable At Best- Mayday Parade

Three Cheers For Five Years- Mayday Parade

Everything I've Ever Wanted- Day At the Fair

The Last Something That Meant Anything- Mayday Parade

Jasey Rae (acoustic)- All Time Low

Always Attract- You Me At Six

Fall For You- Secondhand Serenade

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  • You Are the Only Exception by Paramore
  • When I Look At You by Miley Cyrus
  • The Show by Lenka
  • With You by Chris Brown
  • For The Nights I Can't Remember by Hedley
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Cigarettes and Coffee is a great love song - by Otis Redding

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The Vangelis instrumental from "Chariots of Fire" is the one that comes immediately to mind. Give me time and I'll think of others, but someone else will probably remember them first.

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Vangelis - Chariots of Fire

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Q: Song played during slow motion sports scenes?
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