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fontella bass

ed ames

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Q: Singers with last names ending in S?
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What is the plural possessive of proper names ending in ss?

To form the plural of a name ending in -ss, add -es to the end or the word; for example:one Jess, two Jessesone Bess, two BessesTo form the possessive of a plural noun ending with -s, add an apostrophe (') at the end, for example:The two Jesses' last names are Green and Brown.The two Besses' last names are Smith and Jones.

What are names of female singers who died in the l960's?

dinah Washington

Names ending in s?


Car names ending in s?


What is plural possessive of a name?

The possessive form for plural names is the same as for any plural noun ending in 's'. The plural is formed by adding an apostrophe (') after the ending 's'. Examples:The two Harrys' last names are Brown and Green.The Lincolns' first names are Abraham and Mary.The Joneses' dog is a prize winner.Both of the Gladyses' boyfriends are Jameses.

Who are singers with last name starting with s?

Bob Segar, Dinah Shore, Frank Sinatra, Bruce Springsteen, George Strait, Barbara Streisand and Taylor Swift are singers. Their last name begins with the letter S.

What are the names of famous singers in the 1960's?

Petula ClarkElvis PresleyTom JonesBobby RydelBobby Darin

What type of noun is singer's?

The noun singers' is a common, concrete, plural, possessive noun.The apostrophe (') after the ending s of the plural noun singers indicates that something belongs to the singers.Example: The singers' rehearsal is scheduled for two o'clock.

Who are some male singers with a last name that starts with S?

· Frank Sinatra · George Strait

How do you place aprostrophe with name ending s?

For names ending in "s," it is a matter of preference whether to add an apostrophe followed by "s" ('s) or just an apostrophe ('). Both forms are considered correct. For example, you can write "Carlos's car" or "Carlos' car" to show possession. Just be consistent in your usage.

How do you plural last name ending in s?

To pluralize a last name ending in "s," simply add an apostrophe after the "s" without adding an additional "s." For example, the Smiths' house is correct for the plural possessive form of the Smith family.

Why do prison break brothers have different last names?

they have diffrent last names because the are not really brother s.