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The Singer for this commercial is Don Lee Samuels formerly of the group N2U. Most popular song by them I believe is, "Baby Mama Love"

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Q: Singer of the new McDonald nuggets commercial?
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Who sings the McDonald's commercial song for the new premium roasted coffee?

I've been told the singer is Natalia Lafourcade. The singer is without a doubt Irene Torres. She collaborated with SolaZul's D'Arcy McGuire to make the tune for the McDonald's spot.

Who is the smart man who tells the younger guy to get a 20 piece nuggets as a conversation starter with the girl in the new McDonald's commercial?

His name is Gregory White. See the related links for more details.

Who sings the new McDonald's McCafe commercial?


Whiat McDonald's commercial plays Matt white song?

The new McRib commercial, not new anymore

Who is the singer of the new Honda President's Day commercial?

Nicholas David of season 2012; the voice? it's a los angeles based singer named dante marchi..on the radio spots..and the low voice is robert mcdonald :*)

Who is the black actress in the new mcdonalds commercial about chicken nuggets?

Daphnée Lynn Duplaix

Who does the voice over for the oatmeal in the new McDonald's commercial?

Emma Stone

Who is the singer in the new visa commercial?


Who is the singer in the new Prius commercial?

Natalie Dalye

Is that Jennifer Lawrence in the McDonald's commercial coffee and new England accents?


Who is the older man playing Jedi in new McDonald's commercial?

Dolph lundgren

What song is in the new McDonald's commercial where part of the lyrics are I want to be your friend I think the ad is for a wrap?

The song in the new McDonald's commercial is "Best Friend" by Sofi Tukker featuring NERVO, The Knocks, and Alisa Ueno.