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On the 20 - 25 day (sorry i forget the date), karin will show up at your house . You punch her out unconsious, then you move her to the basement . Karin wakes up , she loses her memory. You were about to tell her who she was but then you thought about it , and you said that she is your kitten and your pet . So you have take care of her down there . Using coffee, handkirchiefs and medicine . You find a necklace from her stuff , you try pressing it , but it got broken when you punched her . So you decide to give it to Akira, (your teacher) so she can fix it. You go though to Slums, but stupid Ryuji comes along with the Bloody King and pays him to beat you up because Ryuji wants to give the necklace to Tomoko. You wake up eventually , but he already took the necklace. Keep Karin alive, and check the mall every Sunday to see if Tomoko is there . If she is , she will want to go to the restaurant with you . Say yes, then you guys talk for a bit. She realizes that you want the necklace but she will only give it to you if you guess the color of her panties. You say white, then Tomoko wants you to look under the table to see if it's the right answer . But it's black. She tells you to stay under there, then says she will give you another chance. You have to take off her panties, then she will give you the necklace . Pick whichever choice because it doesn't matter. She stops you because she cant take it anymore . She you get the necklace. Give it to Akira, but she will ask you for the Golden Belt of Fighting. So now you have to beat bloody king . But if you already did, that's perfect . She gives the belt back to you for some reason. (can't remember) but then she fixes the necklace but you will have to come back in 10 days . until she finishes it . I hope you have been taking care of karin! because then all this effort would have been for nothing. you need to keep her alive . after she finishes it, you will go home press the button, and a hologram of this guy from the future will talk to you. afterwards, talk to karin and then click the ask button. WOOHOO! You don't have to waste money to take care of karin anymore. she is now you're maid, you can level her up to playmate, but I'm not sure if she can become your girlfriend or lover. it's up to you now .

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Q: Sims girls how do you find out about Karin?
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