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Yeah but Kids need the freedom

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Q: Should parents always be in charge?
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Should parents always be busy working?

No they shouldn't.

Should you care for your parents?

OF COURSE YOU SHOULD CARE FOR YOUR PARENTS! you should respect them and be gratful because they love you,care for you and support you always no matter what!

Should I be honest with my parents?

Of course you should.... lies always get found out eventually !

Why dont some kids talk to their parents about themselves?

All kids should talk to their parents but some don't which is a bad idea. Kids should always come to their parents first or god. God is our creator and can always solve our problems.

Should parents who abuse get children back?

Absolutely not! The children's well-being and safety should always, always, be the most important issue.

Why should you train your dog?

Dog should always be trained because without training they will ruin your house and furniture, and they will be very mean and they will think they are the person or dog in charge, and they should not be the one in-charge, you should be.

Who should you check with before you download anything?

Your parents, they should always know whats going on online.

This guy is your friends brother and he likes you but if you go out with him your parents might not let you stay at your friends house anymore you really like the guy what should you do?

you should listen to your parents but you can always she him at skool or something there is always other guys

Should parents allow children to take part in extreme sports?

The extreme is to danger for the kids,so parents always worry about the children ,it's parents' duty to make their children be healthy,and in order to do this the parents always don't allow the kids to take part in extreme sports.As a child,you should understand your parents because of their love.

I babysit 2 kids for 2 hours and drop them off at school what is 7 miles away how much should i charge the parents?

i charge £1 per person and £5 a hour, my customers are always satified and dont complane about the price. it great but if they do complain say to them, ' you have to make a living some how!!'

How much should you charge for children transportation?

Well you really shouldn't although some parents do it for discipline. I would personally never do it but if I did I would charge $.50

Are parents legally responsible for child?

parents are in every way responsible for their child and they should always be there if the child is in need of their parent.