Should be Commercials on TV

Updated: 4/28/2022
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What ever happened to the 2 minute or less commercial breaks once every 1/2 hour or so? I think it's riduculous why there are so many slots and so few advertizers these days.
All you pretty much see now is the insurance commercials like " that stupid gecko, Allstate, Progressive, & Farmers, car repair, cash & title loans, Diabetes " & other related types.
Where did the large variety food commercials go? You don't see the Libby green giant
anymore. Is there a monopoly for those slot mongers that run too long of a commercial,
or is it that they are the only ones that can afford the rates in today's market? It's
getting so when one channel has a break on you can't surf to another to avoid watching
any commercials at all because most stations seem to break at the same time now, which
is getting to be a pretty sad situation!!!

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Q: Should be Commercials on TV
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