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it was a cheap tourist souvenir replica of a 19th century sword stick. they were made in India in the 1950s to 60s

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Q: Sherlock Holmes cane sword from the movie what kind is it?
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Why did Holmes bang his cane against the pavement at Saxe Coburg Square?

Sherlock had a doubt that whether there was any secret passage below. to conform his doubts he did it.

How do you beat Sherlock Holmes in Hollywood Rising Star?

Green old style dress with big shoulders, Green hat with purple feather, face with red lipstick, gloves with cane, brown and purple shoes

What is the climax of the story the adventure to the speckled band?

The Baker Street Irregulars were a group of street children Sherlock Holmes used for surveillance. 'In the Baker Street Irregulars,' Sherlock Holmes had been framed for murder. The kids used all of their sleuthing smarts to gather the evidence needed to free Sherlock and put the right perpetrator behind bars.

Is there a way to take the sword out of a sword cane without breaking either the sword or the cane?

To draw the sword, simply grasp the handle and twist, drawing straight out. If you mean a way to remove the sword blade from its cane handle, well, if you do that, it won't have grip. It'll be a blade with a tang, which would make it count as "broken", wouldn't it?

How can a sword cane be carried legally?


Is it legal to own a sword cane in nc?


Are sword canes illegal in Missouri?

If o9ne has a ccw in MO., can the cocealed weapon be a sword cane

Did John Watson use a cane in the Sherlock Holmes books?

I don't believe that the book specifies. However, a cane or walking stick was a common accessory for all gentlemen in the Victorian Era, it would have been unusual for him not to have one. Add in the fact that he may have been wounded in the leg (or possibly the shoulder), it would have been something he may have needed on occasion.

What is the typical use for a cold steel sword cane?

The typical use for a sword cane from Cold Steel is either as decoration at home or as a self-defense weapon. Sword canes are however illegal in many states and can't be carried around in that case.

How long is Vampire Knight Kaien Cross sword?

The actual measurements for the serrated sword that Vampire Knight Kaien Cross has hidden in his cane are not mentioned. The sword is long enough to be sheathed in his walking cane and when he holds his sword in front of himself at a downward angle, the tip appears to touch the ground.

How does Watson lose his limp in Sherlock?

Watson loses his limp in the TV series 'Sherlock' because, according to Sherlock Holmes, his injury was psychosomatic.Answer:John Watson's bad leg and hand tremors were both psychosomatic. His psychologist believed the cause was post traumatic stress from fighting in Afghanistan as a soldier, but it was discovered, when John met Mycroft Holmes for the first time, that his hand tremor only happened when he didn't feel like he was in danger. He preferred the action and excitement of the war and he missed it. While spending time with Sherlock, they pursued a cab they thought carried the murderer they were looking for inside. John completely forgot about his cane as they gave chase and shortly thereafter realized he didn't need it as working with Sherlock provided him with all the excitement and danger he enjoyed.

What did the cane in the Lincoln Heritage Museum hold?

Hi. It is a sword cane. I saw it and it was really cool! I tell you, I love visiting that museum whenever I get a chance to.